Write for Ours’11 years


On the rainy morning of August 15, 2011, I joined Huayang family with my luggage and my vision for the future. I was the first female college student graduated from a bachelor's degree in the factory. Together with Mr Xie, who graduated from South China Institute of Technology, and Ms Lee, who has the experienced in Delong Iron and Steel, our three formed the foreign trade team. With the strong support of General Zhang, the Department of Foreign Trade was formally established in Tianjin on September 8 that year.

No export qualification, we handled it together with the office and the finance department; Without English materials, we worked together to draft and translate; No export order process, we explored, rectified and formulated together. No matter how hard it was, we always believe that we can.

The annual production capacity is now 1.5 million tons from 120,000 tons at that time. Product category from ERW pipe, developed to ERW pipe, LSAW pipe and seamless pipe stock; The production line has developed from two high frequency production lines at that time to 8 high frequency production lines, 3 submerged arc production lines and 26 pipe expanding production lines. The number of employees has grown from 200 to 800.

In those days, the yard was messy and overgrown, but now it is neat and uniform. Although we have the expanded ERW pipe with random length, but through the efforts of hoisting personnel, we still realize the standardized management of the yard, which greatly improves the loading speed; The humble gate in thosedays has been replaced by the landmark gate of Hope New District, standing on the edge of Cangyan Road.

At that time, the development of foreign trade market completely started from 0. Now our products have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions in the world, and our export volume has reached 52 million dollars. Our Department of Foreign Trade has grown from one office to three offices, and the number of foreign trade personnel has grown from 3 to 20.

We participated in the Germany exhibition for the first time in 2012. Upon hearing that from China, some customers said,No,No, left. The remaining part hearing that we from Hebei,No,No, went away; The other part hearing that we from Cangzhou,No.No, they left again, saying they were afraid of being cheated. We are in this environment, with our excellent product quality, quality service, sincerity, to prove to customers, we are not the same. "Welding pipe, only choose Huayang" and "Huayang, is my second hometown" have won the recognition of customers from different countries and regions.

Looking back on our 11 years, we have both happiness and sorrow, and the overall trend is good. We have witnessed the rapid development and rapid market share of Huayang company. Thanks to the help of company leaders and the support of customers, we have achieved today's achievements. However, the current achievements are not the end of our journey, and we need to continue to summarize on this basis. Under the bad environment at home and abroad, we will face difficulties head on and make our modest contribution to the take-off of Huayang Company again.


Post time: Oct-18-2022