Further processing items of Huayang

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Further processing items of Huayang:

In order to meet the different needs of the customers, Huayang can also provide with different special/customized welding processing services.

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1.Steel pipe butt welding
The maximum diameter up to 3 meters and the maximum length up to 36 meters
Butt welding for different wall thickness together,or for different steel grade also
UT test for cross welding seam

Steel pipe butt welding (12)

2.Piping prefabrication flange welding
For pipe connection

3.Steel support welding and processing

Steel pipe butt welding (10)
Steel bracing always used for subway construction
There are many length from 0.5m to 12m

Steel pipe butt welding (6)
Steel supported movable head
Retractable for adjusting the length of the steel support

4.Interlocking pipe piles
Uses: The interlocked pipe means pipe with a certain clutch or interlock to connect with each other, or connect with sheet piles to form a combined wall.

Steel pipe butt welding (4)
Welded steel pipe with clutches together
It is used in many places, and can be used in all places of construction;
For bottom piling

Steel pipe butt welding (7)
Welded steel pipe with steel sheet pile together
Water separation during infrastructure construction
Prevent earthwork from collapsing, form a combined wall

5.Steel stud welding
For city construction, main beam of the construction

Steel pipe butt welding (8)

Steel pipe butt welding (11)

6.Steel plate cutting blanking
Plasma cutting machine - imported from Germany
Maximum thickness of plasma cutting is 40MM
Flame cutting maximum thickness 200MM

7.Marker poles
Drawings needed from customer

Steel pipe butt welding (13)

Steel pipe butt welding (14)

8.Lattice steel column
For urban construction
For use with steel pipe pile, transverse

9.Steel pipe nesting and reinforcement
To save shipping space, reduce shipping costs
Ensure safe transportation

Steel pipe butt welding (15)

Steel pipe butt welding (16)

10.Pile poles
Generally refers to the tip of the prestressed pipe pile. It is used for the foundation construction of the prestressed concrete pipe pile and the front end of the pipe pile. It is installed on the pipe pile to guide and block the pipe pile when the pipe pile sinks.

Generally, in the construction of prefabricated piles, the pile tip is welded at the pile head and the pile body is brought into the soil to avoid the pile head damage and pile body tilt (verticality control), and the pile body can enter the bearing layer well.
The form of pile tip changed and derived different shapes and specifications with different geology and use methods.

11.Pipe cutting
The minimum length is 20cm
The cut pipe used for machining, structure and other purposes

Steel pipe butt welding (2)

Steel pipe butt welding (3)

Steel pipe butt welding (1)

12.Pipe end weld Shoulder ring
pipes connection

13.Pipe end grooved
pipes connection

Steel pipe butt welding (5)

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